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9spaceking, known also as John McGonnell, is a debater on Debate.org who is known for creating both serious and humorous debates. He challenges decent debaters and has merely lost a single debate in his School Uniforms Should Not be Required series, and he wins the majority of his Rap Battles. He has a steady ~2140 elo, just a little above the starter elo. Despite his lowliness and even being voted 3 times in the poll Who is the worst debater on DDO?, a debater named Teemo with a high elo around 4,000 had nevertheless admitted that 9spaceking was a better debater than himself, in both serious and humorous debates. 9spaceking has claimed that he is a fan of the television show My Little Pony, and that his favourite user is GodChoosesLife.

Forum posts and debates on Debate.org

9spaceking is very interested in the topic "Smoking Should be Banned", and although losing twice, he was noted in his first Smoke-ban debate of his "Gusto" and powerfulness within the first round, which, later dwindled down, as commented by the voter.

9spaceking is also an artist, participating in a Interactive Drawing Contest as well as an art debate against ESocialBookworm. He has his own DeviantArt account and has posted his drawings on it: [2]. He does not only draw, however, he also writes as a hobby sometimes, contributing to the Never Ending Story and putting a few essays on deviantart, as well as posting his short story As Usual onto DDO and Deviantart.

9spaceking sometimes makes whether or not he is trolling ambiguous, and creates debates and forum posts about random topics. He states that he loves to follow the top members of DDO and try and figure out who is the best debater. 

A notable debate of his was an argument concerning God's omnipotence against CJKAllstar. Although he lost by a huge landslide, CJKAllstar still stated in the comment section: "That was a helluva hard debate. Hell, that was my toughest debate yet, and I almost beat Mikal in a debate. This resolution, wow. I'm tired out." [3]

Once, a debater has questioned 9spaceking about his strange post in "DDO Orgies" concerning SpencerJoyager, but 9spaceking declined that he had a crush on SpencerJoyager, but instead on his real life friend who made an account on DDO, Legopro43. He has demonstrated his liking for Legopro43 by using more effort in that debate than any other, having posted a passive 7115 character argument within just the second round, more than any other debate. To highlight the effort went into the debate, 9spaceking even states "[this argument] is approximately 1.0376 times longer than my newest argument concerning 'Smoking Should be Banned', and approximately 1.342 times longer than my newest 'school uniforms shouldn't be required' argument, both of which I am extremely passionate and strongly agree upon". [4]

However, this is rather actually easily surpassed by in a debate which he is also interested about, because he is a huge fan of MLP, even claiming the debate Applejack is Best Pony to be his favorite serious debate. This debate can be found in source [2.5]. 9spaceking once again demonstrated his argument's longevity by calculating its characters used versus other debates:

"Calculations versus those (other) debates:

1.0912 times longer than the Ping Pong argument

1.1321 times longer than Smoke Ban argument 1.4644 times longer than School Uniform argument"

9spaceking has stated within the comments section of source [5].

9spaceking is also willing to gamble his elo on a bunch of topics, including his claim that Rational_Thinker9119 is one of the smartest debaters on DDO [6], and Mikal being the best debater other than Imabench [7].

9spaceking also seems to not like losing, as a few times he restarts debates he lost under a different premise or perspective, usually troll. He calls these debates "Revenge Debates". He has so far only two "Revenge Debates", losing one but winning the other.

9spaceking also has started a series of "Play Devil's Advocate!" debates, but due to forfeits and breakage of rules, he had to redo the debate four times until he finally got a serious contestant.

In mafia games, 9spaceking is constantly inactive, (In contrast to his debating activity, in which he has only forfeited one debate ever) but has proven to be quite capable in some certain situations, as in one game he led the mafia directly to him on the very first day as the PGO.

9spaceking has once said him being tempted to quit the site and go for a break, but he stated after a while that ESocialBookworm convinced him to stay.

Controversy over debating skills

9spaceking considers himself the "noob-tester", having sniped many new users and also defeated some noob-snipers as well, once even after being accused of plagiarism and pushing the burden of proof[8]. He also considers himself "slightly better than the average debater". Many people also agree that he is nowhere near to being the worse of the debaters on DDO.

9spaceking at first started losing a massive amount of debates, but after 40 debates, he started to rise. His net wins curved up and down for a while before once again greatly increasing from the 140th debate up until 180 debates, in which his net win apex was at 27. In his most recent 30 or 40 debates, his quality seems to be declining, and now staying the same at 18 net wins, and 9space calculates so himself.

9spaceking calculated his net wins and put them on a graph on this website:http://padlet.com/9spaceking/graph/

9space also thinks his skill is best represented by a minimum elo of 2150.

9spaceking's Alter Ego

"Jack here." "Ugh"

--Jack McGonnell's way of saying "Hello"

9spaceking sometimes acts as his alter-ego, named Jack McGonnell, for humorr and playing devil's advocate. This started from the a forum thread called 1337th post wins, in which the two seemed to be playing some kind of game. Time and time again, 9space would attempt to trick or troll his alter ego, only to have his plan dumped down or counter-trolled, ending up being very aggravated and disliking his alter-ego. In a chat between ESocialBookworm, it seemed that Jack finally lost one such round of this "game", but Jack seemed all fine about it and didn't seem to mind. Jack McGonnell has also, so far, debated only 4 known times, using Andale Mono as his signature font. He claimed that he wrote all the strong round one's in 9space's best debates, but nothing is to back this up, as Andale Mono isn't used, and the motto "Jack here." didn't appear in the round one.

Jack claims his favorite user is ESocialBookworm, and even changed 9spaceking's nickname for Bookworm from "Twi" (standing for Twilight, a book-reading pony from My Little Pony) into a more intimate "Bookie".

9space has established certain "rules" that separate him and Jack. They are:

"-Jack always uses 14-font-size Andale Mono while I use default 12 point font

-Jack reminds us "Jack here." whenever he starts debating.

-Jack is generally "cool and laid back."

-Jack tries to twist your arguments against yourself as much as possible

-Jack never concedes

-Jack always thinks from the perspective of the opponent before thinking of his own"


He also made another two (unofficial) rules at some point in time:

-Jack always "follows the voice of logic and reason", not emotion.

-Jack always try to think of the bigger picture.

A few other rules made from losing debates:

-Jack will try to debate the nitty-gritty definitions, challenge the framework, as well as Burden of Proof if at all possible

Personal life

Ping pong is 9spaceking's favourite sport, which he is willing to prove as superior to all other sports, even fictional ones. He also claims that he has conquered his fear of roller coasters.

He seems to also be a brony, being obsessed with MLP:FiM and starting debates about it.


School Uniform

9spaceking's school uniforms' debates are very interesting. 9space has once described his situation within debating about school uniforms as the "school uniform FF curse", because he has 8 debates concerning school uniforms so far, but only one user--Ajabi--has manged to not forfeit, and became the only person to win against 9space when it came to school uniforms. All other 7 users forfeited at least one round in the debate, and lost to 9space as a result. Spaceking has been PRO for most of his school uniform debates, but after many close wins, he convinced himself to switch to the opposing position.

School uniforms should not be required

School uniforms should not be required--opponent losing by merely one point!)

Choose your own topic--Another debater who came within one point of tying 9spaceking)

Let opponent choose topic. I will be Con.--9space chooses School uniforms in a "choose your topic" debate

Should schools require uniforms?--9spaceking's first school uniform debate

Troll debate: school uniforms should not be required--A funny troll debate instigated by 9spaceking because he was bored.

School uniforms shouldn't be required --Debate against Ajab in which 9spaceking admitted his opponent could be the first to win the series, and was correct, as he had conceded far too many points within the debate

Should uniforms be required in public schools? --against SongGeek4, and 9space admitted that Song could have won had it not been for his forfeit.

Challenger's choice --9space chooses School Uniforms in a "Choose your topic", and for once takes the opposing side he usually takes (he takes the side supporting school uniforms in this debate)

Debates in which he acts as "Jack McGonnel"

Regardless of Jack's supposed "debate prowess" and necessity of being a better debater than 9spaceking, he has nevertheless lost all of his debates so far, not even tying any debates. It remains doubtful whether 9space's method of "thinking as a different person" within debating works or not.

http://www.debate.org/debates/9spaceking-is-a-master-debater/1/ --against Adam Godzilla

http://www.debate.org/debates/Choose-Your-Topic-Liz-3/1/ --Against Debatability

http://www.debate.org/debates/That-There-Should-be-Term-Limits/1/ --against UchihaMadara

gaymarriagedebate.jimbo.com --against "Nye", himself

Rap battles

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle-YYW-VS-BSH1/1/ --"YYW"--9space VS "Bsh"--Beginner




http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle/133/ --Rap Battle against Blade of Truth

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle/139/ --suicidal Rap Battle against Mikal

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle/163/ --against Siege

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle-with-Vocals/1/ --vocal rap battle against BoT

http://www.debate.org/debates/Complimentary-Rap-Battle/1/ --complimentary battle against lannan13

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle/181/ --against Bookworm

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rematch-Truth-seeker-vs.-9spaceking/1/ -- won rematch against Truth Seeker

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle-Tourney-SemiFinals/1/ --complimentary against Pheonix

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rematch-Truth-seeker-vs.-9spaceking/2/ --VERY narrow lost against Truth Seeker

http://www.debate.org/debates/Regular-Rap-Battle/1/ --so called "Regular" rap battle

http://www.debate.org/debates/Rap-Battle-2/5/ --lost rap battle against RevNge.

Troll Debates








http://www.debate.org/debates/Lying-is-always-Immoral/1/ --a formal debate instigated by Romanii, turned into a troll debate with a different definition of "lying"

http://www.debate.org/debates/Resolved-Krabby-Patties-are-superior-to-Purple-Penguins/1/ --(could be a just fun debate, rather than troll)



http://www.debate.org/debates/Yahweh-was-an-Extraterrestrial-who-came-to-Earth-from-Mars-around-4000-B.C./1/ --sniping with trolling


http://www.debate.org/debates/9spaceking-is-a-master-debater/1/ --troll debate done as his alter-ego, Jack, against Adam Godzilla

"Play Devil's Advocate!" Debates





http://www.debate.org/debates/Uber-challenging-for-me-Play-Devils-Advocate/1/ --he lost this one to Ajabi

Revenge debates