• NoOneKnowsWhoIAm

    I have found pages on here that are protected so that they can't be edited, including one that I created and need to update. Aren't we supposed to be cleaning up and updating the wiki?

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  • Tejretics

    On the DDO Wiki, references are generally cited as the mere URL of a link. I propose that we change this reference format and use a format similar to Wikipedia, e.g. if we cite a DDO link of a user, instead of directly writing the URL, we type "[Username] |" and turn it into the link we wanted. Please accept this proposition. 

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  • BLAHthedebator

    Me and DDO

    March 22, 2015 by BLAHthedebator

    I am a member of DDO. I am part of the group that aims to clean up and add relevant information to the pages on this wiki. :)

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  • 1harderthanyouthink

    Hello everyone. The DDO Wiki has, for too long, been a less-than-decent thing. So, I'm organizing a group of members to clean it up and improve it. It would be nice for this to look at least half-decent.

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  • 9spaceking


    November 20, 2014 by 9spaceking

    Here I will post random stuff about me.

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