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Debate.org (often abbreviated as DDO, standing for Debate Dot Org) is a website owned by Juggle, LLC[2]. It's motto is "The Premier Online Debate Website". It provides a platform that allows users to discuss with each other about controversial topics. As of November 2021, there are 906,658 members on debate.org.[3]

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Debate.org was founded by Phillip and Crystal Ferreira of Webcorp, LLC in the summer of 2007. Juggle, LLC later purchased the website from Phillip, announcing the decision in December 2010. [4] While Juggle originally ran a debate website in a poll format similar to CreateDebate, it was closed in favor of getting merged into Debate.org as the Opinions section.



Debate.org focuses on debates, where two users pick sides to discuss a certain controversial topic on a round-by-round basis. [5] A debate goes through the challenge period, when it is open to be accepted by users that fit the criteria set by the instigator of the debate; the debating period, when the debating takes place; the voting period, when eligible members of the community decide on a winner through voting, and the post voting period, when the winner is announced. [5] As of May 17, 2014, there were 40,416 total debates on the website. [6] The burden of proof is sometimes used in debates by experienced members.


Debate.org also contains a forums section, including sub forums for topics such as:

  • Arts (1,257)
  • Cars (381)
  • Economics (2,127)
  • Education (6,218)
  • Entertainment (4,391)
  • Fashion (322)
  • Funny (1,553)
  • Games (1,956)
  • Health (3,561)
  • Miscellaneous (6,622)
  • Movies (494)
  • Music (856)
  • News (736)
  • People (3,221)
  • Philosophy (5,812)
  • Places-Travel (214)
  • Politics (16,848)
  • Religion (11,304)
  • Science (5,114)
  • Society (8,458)
  • Sports (2,446)
  • TV (426)
  • Technology (1,841)[1]


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Debate.org user FrizzStammberger has accused the website's community of having a pro-atheist slant. According to the user, the majority of the users on the website were atheists,[7] and that they were "hostile to Christianity". [8]

According to the atheist user Qopel, vote bombers who unfairly vote are responsible for some of his lost debates. He further accuses a list of users of being vote bombers. [9]


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