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The current leader board is based on the ELO system. Each debater starts out with 2,000 elo, and change with each debate, with the equation being C= 100 (W+9L)/ 10W, with W=winner's original elo, L=loser's original elo, C=change.

Under the current leaderboard, DDO's top 25 debaters are...

Danielle with 340 wins

imabench with 218 wins

16kadams with 209 wins

RoyLatham with 182 wins

Brian_eggleston with 178 wins

Socialpinko with 151 wins

Kleptin with 149 wins

Logical-Master with 146 wins

Mongeese with 138 wins

TheSkeptic with 134 wins

Ore_Ele with 123 wins

beem0r with 122 wins

JustCallMeTarzan with 114 wins

Bluesteel with 110 wins

Yraelz with 100 wins

Studentathletechristian8 with 98 wins

wjmelements with 95 wins

Ragnar_Rahl with 93 wins

Koopin with 92 wins

Tatarize with 92 wins

Thett3 with 88 wins

Zaradi with 84 wins

Larztheloser with 82 wins

Grape with 80 wins

ConservativePolitico with 77 wins